Wine – Moldavian national pride

On its days we invite you to MEZZO restaurant to feel the excitement of the celebration to the fullest, delighting yourself with the best and most interesting wines we have managed to collect.

The wine tasting organized at Mezzo will conquer you with a unique experience, a diversity of local, exclusive and newly appeared wines on the market. With us you will be able to discover the perfect taste for you.

Discover the local wine 🍷and pair it with a special menu🥙. Our sommelier will help you to make the most appropriate pairings between wines and your chosen food for the perfect gastronomic experience. The suitable pairings will surely intensify your tastes so that you’ll reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

Together with our wine partners: Chateau Cristi, Chateau Vartely, Pripa, Fautor, Land of Basarabia, Gitana, we promise you 2 days full of extraordinary experiences.

❗️Saturday, 2 October, starting at 13:00. Free admission.
If you could create a memory out of wine, would you want to? 🤔 All we need for this is paper, brush🖌 and wine🍷. We've got it all and even more! We've invited the master Vasile Botnaru to guide you through this beautiful process.
On Sunday Brunch we invite you to discover not only the taste of wine but also its transformation into art. It will be something unusual for you. Masterclass "Painting in Wine". At the end you will go home with a precious memory of all that is wine, art and food.

❗️Sunday, October 3, starting at 11am.

❕Price brunch: 450 MDL.

❕Price masterclass: 200 MDL.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the National Wine Days with you.
‼️For reservations or other details, you can contact us at: 0621 22221

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