Innovative, contemporary and comforting, the Mezzo restaurant is a fresh take on the Italian traditions with an international touch. Each season our menu changes so that we ensure that only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients are used in our dishes, white truffles through the autumn, winter greens and in the winter, asparagus in the spring and black truffles in the summer. Classical dishes like homemade pasta and risotto are prepared variety of forms, being inspired by recipes from all across Italy. Modern cooking techniques, accomplished chefs, quality produce sourced from local farms and their skillful combination take you on a mouthwatering journey.

Opening hours

07:00 – 23:00
  • BREAKFAST7:00 – 14:00
  • Dinner18:00 – 22:30


Organic Sunday Brunch is a true gastronomic experience that makes you want to repeat it every Sunday

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Guests joining us for breakfast have the option of choosing from our delicious counter selection and our à la carte menu of classic and international options.

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Enjoying a dinner at Mezzo means living a unique and sensory gourmet experience, entering into contact with the finest cuisine.

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Any culinary delights, complemented by select drinks - give you an unique experience. One of the particularities of the restaurant is the bar made of natural stone, which surprises with its unusual design and generous offer of cocktails. The variety of hot drinks, cocktails and strong drinks with international renown will help you escape from the daily routine, live the moment HERE and NOW.

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The Mezzo wine collection is intimidating and, of course extensive. In the collection, you will find local and international wine names, over 37 local winery titles, Crame/ Chateau and over 25 international. The various sorts of grapes that make up the most refined wines, will complement mostly all types of dishes, from salads and pasta to gastronomic delights of seafood and meat. The extraordinary wide range consists of over 26 types of sparkling wine and champagne, 49 types of white wine, 68 types of red wine, 19 types of rose wine, 8 types of sweet wine and over 9 types of special aged wine. The bespoke selection of wines is not just an addition. Wine is that cherry on top creating an unforgettable mix, bringing to life a completely new taste. Explore Moldovian Wines!

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